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In order to determine the fee you should charge for your translation services, our team must first examine your expectations, the scope of the project, and the resources you will be obligated to devote to the translation process itself.

We’ve identified a few critical considerations to keep in mind, and we encourage you to adhere to these recommendations regardless of the sort of translation you want.

Receiving the translation as fast as possible is the most essential thing to you. When it comes to regular translations or legalized papers, time frame are normally applied on projects. When the most essential issue is quality, you should think about setting a reasonable timeframe for the project. When a document must be consistent throughout many translations, it is not advisable to divide the project among different translators. Even though a presentation catalogue should be written in the same style from beginning to end, contracts and other legal documents can be translated by a number of translators and come out with the same result because the specific terminology does not allow for the use of synonyms in the translation. The use of a glossary of words – a project-specific dictionary – is beneficial in these situations because it allows for the preservation of the same approach and uniform vocabulary across all papers dealing with the same topic.

If the price is the only consideration considered while selecting translation services, you should be aware that the final product will not be of the highest possible quality. It is probable that services such as proofreading and editing may be eliminated in order to save costs. If you do not plan to utilize the translated document for formal reasons and you just want a basic understanding of the content, these translations performed “at first hand” will be sufficient for you. When your projects need a creative translation or when you require an interpretation, the rate does not have to be the first consideration to be considered.

Providing the translation agency with an editable source file will result in a lower price for the translation service. However, if the services you want additionally include DTP (text editing) in order for the finished product to appear precisely like the original, the fee will be more than if the services are just requested. The cost of editing is often based on a set fee, which is calculated per page and mentioned in the pricing list.

The cost of a translation is determined by the number of language pairings involved. If the language pair for a translation project is uncommon, the cost of the project may increase.

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