Flawless Translate

Transcribe and Translate has a long history of adhering to a stringent quality control approach. As a result, we have established ourselves as a leading translation services provider in the worldwide market. Inadequate translations or machine translation may result in a significant communication breakdown. As a result, our human quality inspectors and translators maintain a careful eye on the translated files’ accuracy level.

Our extensive expertise translating for many languages enables you to communicate effectively with your target audience. The following description contains comprehensive information on the language quality assurance procedures used by our specialists –

  • Editing & Quality Control: The editor makes required changes to the translated file and submits it to the project coordinator, who verifies the editor’s comments and consults with the client on the guideline and terminology to be followed. The comments are subsequently sent to the translator appointed to that particular project.
  • Target File Reformatting: The native translator reviews the editor’s remarks and decides whether to accept or reject them. Our staff, editor, and translator will next debate any disagreements about the proposals. Frequently, clarification from the customer is requested if extra sources or technical fields are required.
  • Layout: In this phase, our DTP professionals ensure that the translated file’s layout adheres to the client’s specifications.
  • Proofreading: The translated file is double checked for accuracy.
  • Layout Quality Control: This stage entails eliminating any mechanical faults from the target file. Additionally, our professionals verify that all technical specifications are followed precisely and accurately.
  • Final Quality Control: The translated file is re-examined to ensure that all concerns have been handled. The customer receives the project after it has been thoroughly inspected for quality.

You are probably aware that translation aids in the removal of linguistic and cultural barriers. As a result, we provide a quality-driven service for all sorts of corporate translation assignments, with an emphasis on accuracy and timeliness. Thus, our translations may undoubtedly assist in achieving worldwide visibility.

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