Agreement translations, witness testimonies, recorded interview transcriptions, and more are all part of our legal language services.

Legal language services of the highest caliber
Our highly qualified and experienced linguists have years of expertise and are ready to assist you with all of your legal language services needs, including transcription, translation, and interpretation. Contact us now to learn more!

As a result, we have earned the confidence of numerous national and international law firms, legal professionals, lawyers, and government organizations as a reliable linguistic service provider devoted to accuracy, security, and quality.

Document translation services that are certified
We understand that there are instances when you need more than just a translation. We’re here to assist you with the following:

Translations that are certified
A certificate that is included with the translation and validates the correctness of the translation as well as the linguist’s qualification to carry out the job is also included.

Notarization is a legal requirement.
After a record has been certified, a Notary Public verifies that the papers are in the same condition as indicated.

Legalization and regulation
The Legalization Office completes the third step of the process and a local partner is applied to the document as proof of authenticity.

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