Clients’ translation requirements differ. Thus, a customer must first determine if our translation meets their standards or not, and for this, he or she must request a quotation. When a quotation is demanded and we get a customer’s inquiry, we extensively evaluate the source document and provide the client the estimate along with a verification email detailing the project’s timeframe. This whole stage is carried out by the project coordinator, who collaborates with a localization engineer to assess whether or not to remove the needed material for translation or to keep it in its original source format.
After extracting the text or deciding to maintain the original source format, the translation assignment is assigned to the most competent translator who specialize in the kind of translation (industry-specific translation) requested by the customer.

Now, a professional translator will translate the client’s text from the language specification to the client’s preferred language. Our native translators concentrate on their expertise by producing precise translations in the project’s target language(s). Their primary objective is to avoid generic word-for-word translation and instead focus on crafting an effective piece of translated material that reads exactly as it was published in the chosen language.

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