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Because we realize that your projects revolve primarily on words, we not only translate language but also alter businesses in the field of words. With over years of expertise, we are overcoming the global communication gap via cross-cultural conversation.
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What is Translation?

Translating a piece of writing from one language to another in order to maintain its original meaning and purpose is known as rewriting a text in another language.
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What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting voice or audio into written text. It's vital to know that closed-captioned videos contain timed subtitles, while transcripts do not have timed subtitles.
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About Us

TRANSCRIBE AND TRANSLATE is an ISO 9001 Certified Company with a passion to fulfills all of your transcription and translation requirements. Our small but mighty team is motivated to deliver the best service on a fast turnaround. Our goal is to give you accurate translation and transcription in a number of local languages so that you can connect with your target audience quickly. As of today, we are a standard and high-quality help in the world's transcription and translation service market. As we know, poor or machine AI translation can lead to a wide communication gap. So, our certified translators keep a close eye on the accuracy level of the translated files.

How It Works

Every project, we feel, has its own language. Our professionals are from different industry specialists with the necessary skills to offer quality services to you that best meet your needs.

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    Why Transcribe and Translate?

    When it comes to language solutions, going with Transcribe and Translate can be a smart move. Transcribe and Translate offer a varied range of specialties due to our expertise in over multiple languages. We strive to optimise the process of providing high-quality, accurate, genuine, consistent, and reliable service only for you.
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